September 28, 2007

Friday Fun: Random Stuff Edition

  • From Critical Mass: "I moved to the village and began frequenting Three Lives and witnessed how a well-merchandised bookstore can cause you to lose all sense of reason." Yep, a good bookstore can certainly make me lose all sense of reason. A perfect quote.

  • From Robert Scoble: The 10 rules of Twitter (and how I break every one). I never have and probably never will use Twitter. I have a cellphone but barely use it and barely even turn it on. Somehow, though, this post on twisting technology to our own uses and abuses struck a chord with me:
    Don’t assume other people are having the same experience you are. My experience with Twitter? I get 20 new Tweets inbound EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. It’s like a 24/7 chat room for me. But for you? Most of you only follow 30 people, so to you it’s more akin to instant messaging with just your friends. If you subscribe to a noisy jerk, like me, you’ll get overrun. Me? I just tell my friends who complain that they don’t have enough friends.

  • The Annoyed Librarian just kills me. Fundraising Tip: Sue Google!
    Google has done irreparable psychological damage to plenty of librarians who loved being the tightfisted and anal retentive guardians of information. And they have to hear "Google" used as a verb all the time. No one ever made a verb of "librarian," and if they did it probably wouldn't have anything to do with search. Now that Google's around and it's so popular, these poor damaged librarians should sue Google for something or other. Maybe they could even handwrite the note.

    What kills me even more, of course, is the comments. From those who take her too seriously to those that don't take her seriously enough. Really, she's meant to be taken seriously, like porridge, just right.

Update 2007.09.29: Scoble link fixed. Thanks, Andrew!

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Andrew said...

I've been thinking about using Twitter but haven't made the jump yet. But after I found out that both John Edwards are Fred Thompson use Twitter to update people on their schedules during the campaign, I thought of some ways our on-the-go chancellor might be able to use it. I haven't talked to him about it yet, though. Figured I'd better try it out first.

Andrew Careaga
@ Visions