January 31, 2008

Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2008

I'll be at the OLA Super Conference tomorrow and Saturday. If you see me at the conference, please stop me and say Hi. I always really enjoy meeting my readers.

There is apparently a blog for the conference, but I couldn't find a link to it on the conference home page. When I figure out what the link is, I'll post it here. Some of the sub groups are also blogging, like on the OCULA blog (also not linked from the conference page).

As usual, I'll be posting some session summaries here once the conference is over, although I may finish posting the Science Blogging Conference session summaries first.

Finally, for those that are interested, I'll be presenting on Saturday morning at 9:05 on My Job in 10 Years: The Future of Academic Libraries. I'll post a link to the PDF version of my presentation later on as well. Given that we're expecting a snow storm on Friday, the early time on a Saturday morning and the fact that I'm up against the OLITA SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Top Tech Trends (featuring Meredith Farkas, Casey Bisson and David Fiander), I'm expecting my session to be cozy (OLA estimates 15, which is actually pretty good considering). As such, I'm hoping to have something pretty informal and interactive with lots of discussion rather than a "sage on the stage" type presentation. Drop by if you can, and we can explore the future together.

Update: Thanks to Carolyne for the info, the link to the Conference blog is here!

Update 2008.02.04: PDF version of slides here.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Hope you are having fun!!

Here is the blog link: http://superconference2008.blogspot.com/

David J. Fiander said...

I recommend you just cancel your session and invite all of your attendees to come over and join us. You know you want to!

John Dupuis said...

Thanks for the info, Carolyne.

And David, you are a very, very cruel man. And a mind reader, too. Yes, it crossed my mind.

Tell you what, though, why don't I do your panel and you do mine?

Connie Crosby said...

Thank you for the links, John. And I look forward to your summaries of the sessions you attended.

So, how *did* your session go? Unfortunately I was not attending to be able to be there...