September 17, 2008

Sunburst Award: 2008 winners and 2009 jury

The winners have just been announced for the 2008 edition of the Sunburst Award, Canada's juried award for literature of the fantastic:

  • Young Adult: Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet by Joanne Proulx
  • Adult: The New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson

The complete short lists are here.

The reason I'm posting here, aside from the opportunity to celebrate great Canadian fantastic fiction, is to mention that I'm honoured to have been asked to serve on the jury for the 2009 award, along with Barbara Berson, Ed Greenwood, Sandra Kasturi and Simon Rose. It should be great fun. Needless to say, I don't expect to be reading much else other than Canuck fantastic fiction for the foreseeable future. However, I do hope to read at least two or three more science books this year.

Of course, I encourage everyone to check out the wonderful books on this year's short list as well as the two winners.

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