October 24, 2002

An article pointed out to me by the chair of the Math & Stats department here at York: "Mathematicians and the Mathematics Library: A Librarian's Perspective." It's by Sara Rutter and it's in the Notices of the AMS, volume 49, number 9, pages 1078-1081. It is based on Ranganathan's Five Laws and relates each of them to being a math librarian. The most appropriate is that the library is a growing organism, changing and evolving to meet the needs of its users -- something very important in this time of change in scholarly publishing.

This article reminded me of a few other older ones from Notices of the AMS. "Mathematics Research Libraries at the End of the Twentieth Century" from volume 44, number 11 and "Twenty Centuries of Mathematics: Digitizing and Disseminating the Past Mathematical Literature" from volume 49, number 7.

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