August 31, 2006

Wikipedia & John Dupuis

So, I'm ego surfing the other day, and, lo and behold, there's actually a Wikipedia article for John Dupuis! Wow, I must be really famous if someone out there went to the trouble of creating a Wikipedia article on little old me. Of course, the kicker is that it's not about me, but some other John Dupuis out there. (The article actually seems a little on the vanity side, but who am I to complain.)

That's all well and good, I can live with that. But, looking at the pages that link to that other guy's page, I see that a couple of Wikipedia references to me (the real me, that is) actually link to this other guy. The real me references are on pages such as my friend Mark Shainblum's page where he mentions the SF book we edited together; the Aurora Awards page where the award for that book is listed; a published alternate histories page refering to that book; and a list of people who've won literary awards but don't have a Wikipedia page.

So, what to do? First of all, I guess that I should go to the above mentioned pages and remove the links to this other guy's page that are about me. But can I have a no-page-exists link for a page that does exist, even if it's the wrong one? Can I make the other guy "John_Dupuis_(Musician)" when no other John Dupuis exists in the Wikipedia? Will someone else reestablish the links even if I do remove them?

I appeal to the collective wisdom of the biblioblogosphere to help me sort this one out. suggestions, anyone? Hey, John, if you're out there doing your own ego surfing, do you have any suggestions?

August 15, 2006

I'm back...

But I probably won't resume regular blogging for a few more days. When we returned from vacation Sunday afternoon, we discovered a bit of flooding in the basement due to a burst hot water heater. We're currently up to our elbows in various replacement & remediation crews. Thank god for insurance. When I do return to blogging, we'll just have to wait and see how my current state of sabbaticality affects the frequency and contents of my posting. Aside from a couple of longish thematic posts I have in mind, there is no plan.

The vaction itself was great. We spent a bit more than 3 weeks in a cottagy place in Magog, Quebec (Wikipedia), in spitting distance of a beach Lac Memphrémagog. It was great. Very restful, very quiet, with go-carting, mini-put and bowling breaks to keep the younger set happy. We saw two movies, the kiddy oriented Asterix et les Vikings which was pretty good (not sure if there's an English version yet) and the absolutely hilariously fantastic Bon Cop, Bad Cop. For my Canuck readers out there, this movie is an absolutely must-see. It's a perfectly bilingual Anglo/Franco take on the mismatched cop buddy film that hits a lot of Canadian stereotypes perfectly, and very fairly, while still having a pretty good thriller plot. Non-Canadians would probably also enjoy the film, even if some of the Anglo vs. Franco bits are a bit mystifying. I believe the English-Canadian version opens this Friday. That's the version with the French dialogue subtitled. We saw the one with the English dialogue subtitled.

Vacation thanks go to the very fine (and very busy) Memphrémagog Public Library where we checked our email on a weekly basis and to the Casablanca B&B where we spent the night in Kingston on the way back. Very friendly, great breakfast.

Update: I just posted the write-up on my cottage reading contest winners on the other blog.