February 5, 2004

Two recent presentations at the Ontario Library Association Superconference by your humble blogger:

  • Creating Dynamic Subject Guides with York colleagues Patti Ryan, Merle Steeves and Jody Nyasha Warner.
  • Creating a Subject Specific Blog was part of a panel session co-presented with Steven M. Cohen (blog, ppt) and Mita Sen-Roy (blogs 1 2 3, ppt). This one was kinda interesting for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was going to use one of the other participant's laptop for my ppts. Unfortunately, my diskette gave up the ghost and would let me transfer the file. Guess what? I just talked. The world didn't come to an end. The other reason it was interesting was because, of course, the other participants (Mita and Steven) both gave such stimulating presentations. Steven's about marketing ourselves as professionals using blogs and Mita's about what blogs mean for reference service (among other things). Very good energy in the session, from the audience too.

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