March 15, 2004

Physics Today March 2004- Publish or Perish--An Ailing Enterprise? by Mohamed Gad-el-Hak and published in Physics Today is about the glut of scitech publishing out there. Be it books or journals or, I guess, even web sites, there is just so much being published today that by necessity much of it must be of little value. All you hear about is new journals being launched to make sure quality work gets published, when maybe what we need is fewer journals with less of the other stuff being published. An interesting perspective from a scholar and one librarians should be aware of. If probably means we should subscribe to fewer but better journals and buy fewer but better books. Easier said than done when it seems to be all about publisher's package deals these days. Get 5 journals you want along with 5 (or 55 or 555) you don't really care about. via Lisnews.

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