May 3, 2004

Six Steps to LCC@Home by Kendall Grant Clark is the follow-up to his Library of Congress Comes Home from a while back. If we recall, in that article he introduced us to the concept of using XML and the LC classification to organize all of our home libraries. This time he goes into much more depth on the kinds of things we have to do to implement his scheme. His six steps are:

  1. Survey (get an impression of the size and subject distrubution of your collection.
  2. Allocate (the physical space in your home taking into account what you have and expected growth)
  3. Gather (labeling materials)
  4. label (put labels on your stuff, using the LCC in the CIP data)
  5. Punt (fugure out what to do with stuff not found in 4)
  6. Arrange (the labeled stuff in your physical space)

Next time he promises real, implemented code to help us get started.

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