August 13, 2004

Cites & Insights

Walt Crawford has created an updates blog & rss feed for his zine. Crawford is one of the most reasoned and sensible commentators on library & information issues out there and I make it a point of reading every issue. As such, I would highly recommend putting C&I on everyone's must read list. The most recent issue has some very sensible commentary about the recent report on the deline of fiction reading in the states. Crawford's response: get a grip, lots of people are still reading lots of books on lots of subjects. Also sensible is his follow up on ebooks from the previous issue, in this case including feedback from various people about their experiences with ebooks. I sent in some fairly extensive information about York's experience with Safari, which he is kind enough to include in the section.


waltc said...

OK, I'm blushing...The ebooks followup was interesting, as it was generated entirely based on feedback but doesn't read as a "feedback section." In some ways, it's an extended conversation, and I was extremely pleased with the way it came out.
(Yes, this is Walt Crawford; the ability to comment on Blogger weblogs is a pleasant unintended consequence of starting the C&I Updates weblog.)

John Dupuis said...

Thanks for the comments, Walt. No need to a world full of bull, any voice of reason and moderation is welcome. I find in continually interesting that librarians seem to be either technophobic or technophilic with very little grey area in between.