December 6, 2004

The web is a very strange place

Like most bloggers, I keep an eye on the hit stats. Not obsessively, but every day or two I check to see what's happening. I'm particularly interested by the referer stats that I get. In any case, the hits have really jumped the last week or two -- all thanks to Noah Wiley and his new movie The Librarian. As you may recall, I mentioned the existence of the flick a while back, not reviewing it or anything. So, you can imagine my amusement to see all the hits coming in. Bizarrely, as of this morning, I'm in the top ten google hits on Noah Wiley and number 1 for Noah Wiley librarian and "noah wiley" librarian. This post will no doubt only make it worse.


randy said...

That's really strange, considering his name is spelled Noah Wyle.

John Dupuis said...

LOL! Thank god I can't spell. I can't imagine the numbers if I'd got it right. I guess if I'd watched even one single episode of ER in my entire life I'da been able to get the guy's name right. It's interesting, though, that probably all those people who hit with the wrong spelling were fans of ER & Wyle. Thanks, Randy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new found success