January 5, 2005

While we weren't looking, e-books have become the dominant form of text on the planet.

Huh? Cory Doctorow is one of the most techophilic of the wacko-utopian cyber elite (and hey, count me in too. I love Boing Boing), but even I am shocked by that statement. Read the interview exerpts here from the Locus Magazine interview. Basically, he seems to re define all writing on the web as ebook writing. Gee, and I thought it was all commercial catalogue writing... In any case, I can't wait to get my print copy of Locus so I can read the whole interview. Now back to our regularly scheduled ebook.


zydeco fish said...

Cory has it out for the book - the printed one - and I think he is wrong. The book has endured for centuries, and I don't think it will be displaced that easily, despite the web and all things digital.

Anonymous said...

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