February 25, 2005

A few from Inside Higher Ed

I find the new beta side Inside Higher Ed to be lively and provocative in much of its coverage. I do wish that they would have a bit more non-US, non-humanities/social sciences content but those are only minor complaints.

  • YoungFemaleScientist is a newish blog that they highlight. Cool and depressing at the same time, but in different ways. Two recent posts, Rebuttal Letter and Rebuttal Letter 2 are great.
  • My 57th recommendation letter this week by David Galef is amusing.
  • Educating the net generation is an interview with Diana Oblinger about Educause's new freely available ebook Educating the Net Generation. The interview is very interesting and I think the book probably more so. From the interview:
    A common misconception is that this generation of learners will want to learn online. The University of Central Florida actually studied the online preferences of different generations. The generation that preferred online learning the least was the Net Generation. The older the learner, the more they preferred online learning. Why? We suspect it is because the Net Generation is very social and they want to be in touch with other students and with faculty. Technology is not as important as being connected to others. That doesn't mean they don't want to use technology. They definitely want it for convenience, communication and the like. But to assume that it is the focus would be incorrect. It is a means to an end, not the end.

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