May 5, 2005

JERIC special issue on gender-balancing computing education

The latest issue of ACM's Journal on Educational Resources in Computing is a very welcome issue on gender-balancing computing education, or more specifically, bringing more women into computing. An important topic, and this is a significant contribution. For this one, I'll list the whole TOC:

I found a few online, but it's too bad the rest aren't there too especially since CS people have a reputation for getting their stuff up on their own web sites. Also, here's a reading list I found on women in CS.


Jane said...

Thanks for providing these links. I'm very interested in reading this articles, particularly the pair programming article since we're currently experimenting with that in some of our courses. (anecdotally, I'd say the pair programming _does_ help, not just the women students but _all_ students understand the material better)

I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more of it!

John Dupuis said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jane. I just recently discovered your blog as well and am enjoying it. You can check out my institution's web site in Women in Computer Science & Engineering here for some fellow travellers.

BTW, do you know your librarian? He or she can certainly help getting career guides and other resources. (Ignore that if you're really a York prof and I know you ;-)