October 26, 2005

Recently in InsideHigherEd

There's almost nothing out there I'm paying closer attention to these days than the always-stimulating InsideHigherEd. Virtually everyday there seems to be something worth reading:

  • They're continuing to publish terrific articles about the battle for science and against superstition. Engaging the Public by David Epstein and A Call to Action Against Intelligent Design by Scott Jaschik are the two most recent. InsideHigherEd are performing an amazing and brave public service by making space for this debate to take place and for coming down so clearly on the side of evolution. It would be easy for them not to court controversy and take a "middle of the road" perspective, but they're not taking the easy path.
  • We Need Humanities Labs By Gina Hiatt is a wonderful article that contrasts the warm and fuzzy lab culture in the sciences and how it is so successful in nurturing grad students with the more isolating and lonely experience of grads in the humanities and social sciences.
  • The Professor as Personal Trainer By Alex Golub is a bit old fashioned -- a "no pain, no gain" attitude towards education.
  • Joystick Nation is about using video game technology in higher education.

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Gina Hiatt, Ph.D. said...

Thank you for your kind commment, John. It does seem that the idea of a "humanities lab" has hit a nerve with many in the humanities. I hope my article motivated one advisor to call his/her advisee.