November 21, 2005

Engineering makes you sexier...

Or maybe not. As much as I like Dilbert, as funny as I think it is, as much as it refects what my previous life as a software developer was like, I also have to think that it might be one of the worst things that ever happened to the profession, at least in terms of forging a positive public image. If kids are staying away from engineering (and science) careers, maybe it's because there are so few positive images of scitech careers in the media. Think about it -- what tv show out there portrays science and scientists in a positive light? You can name them on the fingers of one hand. Compare the media image of scitech careers with doctors, lawyers, police, mediums, ghost hunters and all the rest. Thank god for the odd forensic expert on the police shows (I consider CSI & its clones more cop shows than scientist shows). I think this lack of positive image in the media also plays an important role in discouraging girls from pursuing scitech careers, again comparing the progress women have made in fields like law & medicine where there are lots of positive media role models. End of rant.

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