February 3, 2006

Make your own fun

A couple of cool things via the Make blog:

  • How Products Are Made is an online version of Gale's 7 volume reference set. It seems to be complete. The print is a great set that I often recommend to engineering and other students who need basic background info on a product or class of products. Having it online is just fantastic -- I hope the publishers can make a go of this based on advertising revenue.
  • Centuri Model Rocket Designers Manual from 1971 and a whole lot of other model rocketry plans too. Basically how to scratch-build model rockets.

For those who don't know, Make is a modern-day do-it-yourself magazine published by the fine folks at O'Reilly. Five issues have come out with more on the way. You can even buy the issues indiviually as monographs.

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