April 18, 2006

Here and there

A lot of interesting stuff out there.

  • Results are in from the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Take a look at the standings -- Eastern European and Chinese schools dominated. MIT was the only North American school to break the top 10. Canadian schools did well, with Alberta, Waterloo and UBC all finishing in the top 20. Update: The contest results have been slashdotted again, this time in reference to the deline in American CS skills. Update: forgot to note that the initial post was via Slashdot.
  • A video of a long interview with Richard Feynman. I haven't watched all of it yet, but it looks very good. via Pharyngula.
  • The Science Wars Are Over, Long Live the Science Wars! An idea that's been percolating out there in the science blogosphere -- how to combat the anti-science zealots who use the same language as legitimate social studies of science scholarship to promote socially destructive ideas, like the denial of global warming. Mooney also points to what must have been a very interesting conference: Who Owns Knowledge? A Symposium on Science and Technology in the Global Circuit.
  • A long and interesting post at Science and Politics about science blogging. It defines science blogging and touches on a bunch of different areas of blogging and gives good examples of them all. Some of the categories: news, humour, book reviews, science journalism, politics & science, religion & science, environmental, nature, carnivals, science education, philosophy & sociology of science and others. Lots to discover here, I think I'll be returning to this post regularly for a while to explore new blogs. Disclaimer: this humble blog is refered to as "unique" in an addendum to the post.
  • What Students Say About The Library And Research. Surprising, to say the least.

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