May 24, 2006

Results of the ACRL STS/SLA STD/ASEE ELD Continuing Education Survey

Via Betsy Spackman on various lists, the results of the survey are here.

The summary:

Respondents were asked to identify three important issues and topics in science and technology librarianship. Following the list of pre-selected topics they were given one more chance to list a topic of interest. Topics of greatest interest fell into the following broad categories:

  1. New Technologies
  2. Professional Development & Keeping Current
  3. Institutional Repositories/ Digital Archives
  4. Information Literacy/ Instruction
  5. Scholarly Publishing - High Cost of Serials - Alternative Publishing Models
  6. Marketing & Outreach

The 2005 survey was prepared by Betsy Spackman, Marilyn Christianson, Terri Freedman and Camila Gabaldón. Analysis was done by Terri Freedman and Betsy Spackman.

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