August 13, 2007

How to innovate like Google

Saying you're going to be innovative is an awful lot easier than actually creating an environment that truly encourages new ideas and is able to bring them to fruition. Probably by several orders of magnitude. One organization that seems pretty good at that process is Google. But how do they do it? What are the Google "rules of innovative organizations" that other organizations can at least hope to pattern themselves on?

Well, jump on over the Curious Cat Science & Engineering Blog and watch the YouTube video of Google's Marissa Mayer talking about the 9 ideas that encourage innovation.

A summary from Curious Cat:

  1. Ideas come from anywhere (engineers, customers, managers, executives, external companies - that Google acquires)
  2. Share everything you can (very open culture)
  3. You're Brilliant We’re Hiring
  4. A license to pursue dreams (Google 20% time)
  5. Innovation not instant perfection (iteration - experiment quickly and often)
  6. Data is apolitical (Data Based Decision Making)
  7. Creativity loves Constraints
  8. Users not money (Google focuses on providing users what they want and believe it will work out)
  9. Don’t kill projects morph them

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