August 25, 2008

Social Norms & Discovery on Friendfeed

This morning I posted this question on FriendFeed:

With a colleague I'm doing a kind of "social web for scholars" session later this week and, of course, I want to highlight Friendfeed. So I have a couple of questions for the assembled Friendfeed masses:

First, are there any emerging social norms for FF that I might want to mention, like how you decide to subscribe to people, what the protocol is for when people subscribe to you, etc. I'm just looking for impressions that people might have.

Second. When I came on, I already knew a bunch of Library & Science types that were already here so I could plug in pretty quickly. But say I'm a historian coming to FF for the first time and don't already have contacts. How do I connect with that community? I'm thinking of this in terms of demoing FF to a bunch of fairly random faculty who might have this particular question. Thanks!

So far so good. There's quite a few really good responses to my question. I was also wondering if all of you out there in the blogosphere might have any insights into Friendfeed that you might be willing to share, either here or on the original message.

When we're done, I'll post our material here.

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