October 8, 2008

ScienceOnline '09: Register while there's still time!

As of right now, there are 171 people registered for the ScienceOnline '09 conference (January 16-18 in Research Triangle Park, NC), the successor conference to the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. The maximum for the venue is apparently about 200, so the waiting list will be starting up pretty soon. It's quite the stellar lineup of attendees with many notable names from the science and blogging worlds; a quick browse through the registration list will give you an idea of who's scheduled to come. I'm looking forward to a great mix of people I met last year and people I've always wanted to meet. Bora Zivkovic is profiling attendees and highlighting programming tracks over at his blog.

And speaking of the program, it's really shaping up this year to be very interesting with a good variety of interesting sessions.

As it happens, Christina Pikas and I will be doing a session (so far scheduled for Sunday morning):

A. How to search scientific literature – moderated by Christina Pikas and John Dupuis:

There are so many nifty tricks and strategies for searching the literature that an average scientist is not aware of. So: Ask the experts – the science librarians!

We'll be fleshing that bare-bones description out a bit more as the event approaches.

So, as is obvious by now, I'll be there, this time accompanied by my older son, Sam, who's really interested in all things scientific. There don't seem to be too many librarians who are registered yet that I can see, so I'd encourage the library crowd out there to consider attending. It's a great conference with many valuable insights into how science people are changing their ways in the Internet era.

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