January 27, 2009

OLA Superconference: Web 2.0 Community Building Strategies: The World of Science 2.0

That's the title of my upcoming presentation the Ontario Library Association's Superconference. It's this coming Thursday at 10:40.

Web 2.0 Community Building Strategies: The world of science 2.0

Session # 429
Thursday, January 29th, 10:40 AM

John Dupuis, Science Librarian, York University

Science is a collaborative, incremental enterprise. Large teams must work together on massive long-term projects, working toward common goals and creating joint scholarly outputs. Scientists also have to deal with information overload like everyone else with countless journals, conferences and blogs vying for their attention. Science is also becoming data oriented, with the computational analysis of huge datasets (genomic, geospatial, astrophysical) and the modeling of complex systems (climatological, chemical, biomechanical) becoming a core activity in most disciplines. Scitech academics and publishers are reacting to all these forces as well as the pressure from Open Access publishing by becoming more innovative in the features and services that they are offering. What are some of the lessons that the library community can learn from their experiences?

Convenor: Alison Stirling

It should be fun. I'm hoping for as lively and interactive session as I had last year. I find myself becomming more of a fan of the unconference format every day and I hope my audience will take the presentation away from me just like last year.

My slides are in late beta and, for those interested in an advance peak, can be found here. It's not quite too late for suggestions!

After the session, I'll embed the slides here like last year. As for blogging the other sessions that I attend, well, we'll see. I never got around to it last year and since February promises to be an incredibly busy month for me this year, I won't make any promises.

And speaking of epic fails, I'm really disappointed to see that OLA doesn't appear to be having a public blog for the conference this year. Instead they have hidden it behind the LibraryNG registration wall. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with this decision and think it's completely wrongheaded. I've written about LibraryNG before, so I won't belabour the point here.

Update 2009.01.28
: Link to slides fixed. Thanks, Michael!


M Taher said...

Thanks for sharing the info that OLA 2009 is without a Blog. In fact 2008 did have one, and I updated it many times during the past year.

I would like to start posting content from the OLA Conf 2009, as and when it becomes available (I mean most papers are posted after the conf presentation). Will you like to be my collaborator?

FYI. I did a post today on the OLA 2009 poll. Check my welcome to Canada Blog.
Keep up the good spirits, anyways.

John Dupuis said...

Hi Mohamed,

I do certainly remember your coverage from last year and appreciated it. Let me know where you post this year and I'll like to it.