February 8, 2009

BookCamp Toronto

I just registered for something called BookCamp Toronto:

BookCampToronto is a free unconference about:

The future of books, writing, publishing, and the book business in the digital age.

Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009 (9am-5pm)
Location: MaRS Centre 101 College Street [map]
Cost: FREE!
What to bring: Your ideas about the future of books.

For more info see:

or, contact:
Hugh McGuire

I don't know much about it or the organizers, but it looks like it's going to be a very lively and interesting event.

One of the few great things about FaceBook is that sometimes someone else in your network can surface these kinds of things for you. Also, take a look at the Globe and Mail story. Registration is apparently capped at 150 and it seems to be at about 125 now. I imagine they'll set up a waiting list or even let the registration drift a bit higher as free unconferences usually have a lot of no-shows. On the other hand, why risk it. If you're interested, register while you can.


Anonymous said...

So it's scheduled for the anniversary of D-Day? I wonder if that means something.

John Dupuis said...

Good point, rvitelli. Perhaps it means that ebooks will be storming the beaches of Toronto?

It's funny, because when I saw the date of the event, I had this little bird at the back of my brain saying, "hey, June 6th, that day means something" but I just couldn't place it. Thanks for jogging my historical memory. I guess they'll have the follow-up on Dec 7th.