July 8, 2004

History of Programming Languages poster from O'Reilly

This great poster is available in pdf. It's a great chronology of programming languages. The poster is based on work done by Éric Lévénez here, including files to print his version of the poster on different size paper. Lévénez has also extensive links on his page for other resources in the history of programming languages.


Anonymous said...

In July 2002 there was a genealogy of computer languages in "Wired" magazine's "infoporn" section. Different authors, but it looks pretty similar. I took the journal to the fancy copiers on campus to get an 11"x17" color copy.


Anonymous said...

Jane@Purdue again. John, I'm playing around with RSS readers & such, as we talked about at ACM. Do you think that the next generation of web browsers will include some kind of RSS capability so that we don't have to use a separate RSS utility to keep track of all this web content?

John Dupuis said...
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John Dupuis said...

Hi Jane. First of all, I checked wired online and wasn't able to find the reference you mentioned. Could you find it on their site? I guess I'll actually have to stand up, leave my office and find the darn thing in the stacks! As for RSS readers, I sure hope something will be done more on the browser side. For the time being though, Bloglines is doing a pretty good job for me, much better than the client program Feedreader I was using for a while.