July 23, 2004

Sometimes I wonder why I actually buy stuff

Eric Weisssteins' ScienceWorld (or World of Science) is a pretty darn good general resource in math, physics, astronomy, chemistry and scientific biography. All the leaf level entries have citation in the literature, the coverage seems pretty complete, the entries are concise and to the point. Thank god we used to have a literature we could use to build tools sites like this. via The Scout Report.


Christina said...

I've actually been using the Wikipedia for a lot of this type of stuff. It's amazingly good. http://en.wikipedia.org

John Dupuis said...

Christina, I like the Wikipedia a lot too (and in fact have blogged it a couple of times and used in in my SLA CE presentation on CS librarianship), but the detail, reliability and citations in the ScienceWorld sites just blow me away.

Anonymous said...

I know why i buy stuff...to have stuff that i want :) Mind you its completly pointless because everyone in this life will leave it as they entered it, with nothing.
Ooooo scary ;)

Help Desk Software Consultant

John Dupuis said...

And you know, the more I look at the darn thing, the better the Wikipedia is. Not quite as complete, not quite as many citations but still very close to the ScienceWorld sites.