March 3, 2005

Darwin stickers & bookmarks

Just got an email addressed to "science librarians" from Colin Purrington of Swarthmore College. He's created a series of pdf and jpeg sticker and bookmark templates that you can download and print out as a way of promoting science literacy amongst the general public, particularly of Darwin and evolution. I think this is a great idea that should be promoted as widely as possible. Any other sources of this sort of thing out there -- freely available materials that can be used to promote science literacy?

BTW, Colin informs me that he built his initial mailing list just by googling "science librarian" and "biology librarian" and looking for email addresses.

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Christina said...

There are a lot of cool things to print out for world year of physics. I also got some free bookmarks from APS. ( -- is their outreach site). See also for stuff for Mathematics Awareness Month (April).