August 25, 2005

Libraries for Dummies

Libraries for Dummies is a blog by an anonymous public librarian. What makes it a bit different is that it's all about this librarian's very negative interactions with the public. She skewers everyone -- the rude, the obnoxious, the helpless, the unstable, the clueless -- with a rare glee. Mostly pretty amusing but often a bit cruel, and mostly without much sympathy. We all have war stories about dealing with less than idea patrons, but I like to think most of us have a bit more emphathy. Not that I didn't enjoy the rants, of course. via LibraryStuff.


Anonymous said...

While many of the stories are comical, I do not think it is the patrons that have a problem here. Many of the "stupid questions" are very reasonable from the patron's view. I think these stories show a lack of customer skills, poor reference interview skills, and no respect for the patrons. I hope I never run into this librarian! I am sure other libraries would be happy to help these patrons.

Anonymous said...

The key to enjoying this blog and not taking it too seriously is what is stated in the author's self description. What she says to the patrons and what she thinks are two different things. I have to assume her supervisors are happy with her skills, or she would not have had such a lengthy career at this library. There are many times when I think anyone working with the public feels like they have had to hold back what they were thinking, not display anger or hurt feelings, and this is just an outlet. Perfectly reasonable, if you ask me. I don't personally know any librarians who would defend the mother who emptied a diaper full of feces on a library shelf. Would you invite that patron to your library and be happy to serve her?