August 25, 2005

Scientist Trading Cards

Okay, this is cool. A trading card series featuring scientists (and popularizers) such as Einstein, Turing, Watson & Crick, Carl Sagan, Claude Shannon, Marie Curie and many others. The BoingBoing post laments that Tesla wasn't included; I, however, wouldn't mind seeing some Canadian content like David Suzuki, Banting & Best or Donald Coxeter. It seems from AllTooFlat's Cafepress site that the actual card set isn't for sale yet, but that you can buy some other related merch.

A weird little bit I stumbled across reading the Wikipedia entry on Charles Best -- it seems that both he and Banting are buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, just a few blocks south of where I live. You can see the Cemetary using Google Maps, just search on "mount pleasant cemetery toronto."


lulubee said...

Oh! Those trading cards ARE great!

andre said...

these are awesome. i know i had president trading cards back as a kid and those helped me tremendously when it came time for school.