September 14, 2006

We are programmers, and this is our manifesto

So, wanna know what it's like to be a real programmer? Check out Peter Wright's Strange new worlds, and programming languages...!

I love this post:

In a handful of bedrooms, dens, studies, and coffee shops binary artists created computer code with the depth, intricacy, subtlety and elegance of a DaVinci masterpiece. Tens of lines of code are reduced to one with an ornate refactoring built out of experience and experimentation. Like a small army of ground breaking scientists we discover new solutions to old problems, better solutions, faster solutions and better ways of working.
It really captures the mindset of the headsdown, no-holds-barred, hardcore coder to a tea. I know, I aspired to be this guy, and I certainly knew a lot of them during my university and industry career. And certainly, my institution is filled with them. These are the kids that check out all the books and drive up the Safari usage numbers. (Or are they? Do the keenest use the library the most or the least? Maybe these are the kids we need to reach?) Read the whole post, it's worth it! This is one of Blogger's current Notable Blogs.

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