September 12, 2006

Wikipedia & John Dupuis, again

So, it seems my little Wikipedia problem is mostly solved. My friend and science-fictional collaborator Mark Shainblum (Wiki) set up an entry for me based on the book we edited together -- I believe totally unrelated to my original posting. For what it's worth, there is now a John Dupuis(Canadian science fiction editor and critic) entry on Wikipedia.

Over the next little while I'll probably add a few things to the entry & re-point some of the links to that other guy that should be to me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John!

I know I'm responding to a two-month old post, but I can't help myself.

Actually, I had never seen your blog posting about your Wikipedia problem, but I stumbled across the same issue and was getting annoyed that some other guy was getting credit for stuff you'd done. So I created a new entry for you and re-pointed most of the erroneous links.

And...oops... is it really bad Wikipedia form to create your own entry? Ummm... errr.... just asking, you know. No reason. Just curious.