November 1, 2006

A Halloween anniversary

For what it's worth, yesterday was the 4th anniversary of CoaSL. It's been fun and rewarding to be here, part of the extended families of librarian and science bloggers and I hope to be able to keep it going for many more years.

Yesterday was also Halloween, of course. Last night, I was out and about in the neighbourhood for 1h45m with my younger son (grade 6) and one of his friends. The haul was about 3 bags of candy each! My older son (grade 8) went over to one of his friends after school and a gang of them went out for a couple of hours. They seemed a bit less dedicated to the pursuit of candy and he only came back with about 2 bags worth. In case you're wondering what the science/librarian connection is here, check out this post at The World's Fair on the taxonomy of Halloween candy. Mmmmmm, candy.

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