November 22, 2006

Invitation to Digiblog

An interesting new member of the biblioblogosphere has just come on stream. Digiblog describes itself this way:

Until the the ALCTS Midwinter Symposium in Seattle begins, Digiblog will be the home for discussing controversial statements relevant to all those interested in future of library collections, technical services, and services to users. Statements and opinions expressed on Digiblog represent their authors' views only and do not represent the viewpoint of ALCTS.
ALCTS stands for the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services. While it seems that this blog has only been envisioned as a temporary place to start some pre-conference discussions, I hope that the members of ALCTS find a way to make it a permanent blog; collections and technical services are vitally important issues for libraries and librarians and I don't think they get quite the play in the biblioblogosphere as they deserve. Drop by and take a look at their two contoversial statements posts to see what I mean.via Cindy Hepfer on ERIL-L

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