February 23, 2007

It's National Engineering Week

Here in Canada it's National Engineering Week from February 24 to March 4 (I guess making NEW 9 days is a kludge?). The national site is mostly aimed at younger kids and includes some cool profiles. It's sponsored by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers and various other associations.

The Ontario site seems targeted for a slightly older audience, maybe middle school and high school. The list of Ontario sponsors is here. There was an insert in the Globe and Mail yesterday, which you can view here. The insert has a bunch of good articles, including "Engineering is all around us: Across our country's vast expanse, Canadians are connected by a legacy of engineering acheivements" and "Eastern Canadian robotics games inspire Ontario youth."

There are also some inserts from previous years here. Every year I email the organizers to complain that the current newspaper insert isn't online right away, and they finally seem to have listened; I'm sure they got a lot of requests asking for the current insert to be online.

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