February 8, 2007

SLACer videos (and a CERN one too)

Via Chris Leonard, a series of three videos produced by Robert Scoble's Scoble Show: A Videoblog about
Geeks, Technology and Developers
featuring his visit to SLAC. There's a total of nearly 2 hours of video. I haven't watched it all yet, but what I have watched is very good.

There's lots of cool looking stuff in the Scoble Show, include a couple of Cooking with Geeks videos.

Also via Chris, a short video from the PhysMathCentral featuring an interview with Jens Vigen, librarian at CERN. He talks quite a bit about open access, preprints, eprints and how that all plays out in the world of particle physics. A great quick introduction to scholarly communication patterns in that branch of physics.

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