June 22, 2007

Friday Fun: Becoming a Cyborg Edition

It's been a while since I last did a Friday Fun post, mostly due to lack of inspiration. This very week I was thinking that I should get around to finding something cool, sciency and fun to post. Well, who ups and emails me but Jimmy Atkinson with a suggestion for his post The DIY Guide to Becoming a (Real) Cyborg over at Free Geekery.

The post features 10 cool ideas to put a little more machinery into your life, like getting an RFID implant or plugging yourself into a hand motion capture system or even becoming a human transformer.

The conclusion?

While you may suffer through horrible nightmares about machines that take over the world, progress in using technology to help others is far more pronounced. But, don't let this news lull you into thinking that you can battle a cyborg without technological help — or even without laughter. After all, how many cyborgs would dare touch you when you signal a left and right turn with your ears at the same time while wearing fuzzy dice, a pair of Powerizers, and a cape?

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