June 11, 2007

Ok, people, it's time to organize

Chad Orzel has one of his semi-dorky polls, this one inspired by someone else's typo:

I need to disappear into a swamp of paper grading, exam writing, and committee meetings for a while, so here's a comment thread topic inspired by somebody else's typo:
Librarians or Libertarians?

I'm not entirely sure exactly what I'm asking for-- it could be "Which of these groups have done more good for humanity?" or "Which of these groups is a bigger threat to the American way of life?"

Whatever you think the question is after, pick one of those two, and leave your choice in the comments. For bonus points, state what question you're answering.

I've commented my response, so let's all represent for librarians doing good for humanity.

Update: Or, vote for the Liberians, my personal favourite typo.

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