December 11, 2007

Best Science Books 2007: Globe and Mail gift books

This past weekend the Globe and Mail did an extensive list of gift books for the holiday season, mostly coffee table books of course. And any list of coffee table books is bound to have quite a few science and nature titles, right? You bet. A great list in a bunch of different categories. Here a selection of the large number of relevant titles:

  • Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats by James Trautman
  • Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations by Vincent Virga and the Library of Congress
  • 50 Aircraft that Changed the World by Ron Dick and Dan Patterson
  • Map Satellite (published by DK with no author)
  • Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide by David Burnie
  • The Last of the Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest by Ian McAllister with Chris Darimont
  • Starfinder: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Night Sky by Carole Stott
  • Evolution by Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu
  • Earth then and now: Amazing Images of Our Changing World by Fred Pearce
  • Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe by Robin Kerrod and Carole Stott
  • Storm Chaser: A Photographer's Journey by Jim Reed
  • The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss by Claire Nouvain
  • Earth from Space by Andrew K. Johnston
  • Oceanic Wilderness by Roger Steene

Any of these books would be a fine gift for the scitechy people in your circle of family and friends.

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