March 28, 2008

Friday Fun: Most & Least Annoying People @ Your Bookstore

Bookgasm has a couple of funny posts on the kind of people you see hanging around in book stores. They're kinda rude but definately funny. Of course, both lists have lots of resonance for library people. You will surely recognize some of your own patrons in these lists.

The 9 Most Annoying People I Always See at the Bookstore

Didn’t you hear me? I said this isn’t a library! How can you study any way when all you’re doing is talking? Shouldn’t you buy something to make nice for that free wifi you’re using and all the space you’re taking up for hours and hours?

The next list is also pretty funny, 'cause you know "Least annoying" is meant in an ironic way --

The 9 Least Annoying People I Occasionally See at the Bookstore
Is there anything that makes a person feel better about themselves than being served by someone who’s clearly lost all will to live? No matter how hopeless or suicidal I may feel when I walk into my neighborhood Chapters (a Canadian chain for those of you who like to learn something new every day), I know that by the time I walk out, the sight of dozens of poor, pasty bastards whose lives are clearly much, much, much worse than my own never fails to reinvigorate my soul!

So, what amusingly odd people do you encounter in your library? I'll start it off with a couple of groups that I find particularly amusing.

Hello? People on cell phones often talk a lot louder than normally and some people have naturally booming voices. Combine the two with a tendency of some to pace and wander while talking on their cells makes for a very annoying phenomenon. Fortunately this group is almost always understanding when you point out to them that they might be disturbing others.

Ok. we have study tables with power outlets. We have soft seating that can be moved around. Combine the two and you get the phenomenon of people stringing their laptop powercords from the tables to the chairs three or four feet away creating a pretty obvious tripping hazard for anyone walking around the library. Sometimes, for those sitting further away from the tables, the cable is swinging a foot or two off the ground. A couple of times, people have managed to situate themselves so that the cable swinging in the air is also blocking access to the emergency exit. Laptop powercord stringers are also usually fairly understanding but tend to include a fair number of repeat offenders.

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