March 6, 2008

See Jane Compute on ScienceBlogs

Complain and ye shall be rewarded...immediately.

Just yesterday I was mentioning that I didn't think computer science and engineering were particularly well represented on the ScienceBlogs and what happens? Today one of my all-time favourite computer science bloggers has made her debut on the science blogs!

A hearty congratulations to Jane of See Jane Compute!

I'm especially pleased, of course, because I've been following Jane's adventures for a very long time. I was particularly pleased and proud that she agreed to be my very first interview subject.


Jane said...

I have to admit that I giggled when I read your post---I just couldn't share the news yet. :)


John Dupuis said...

It's great news that you're on ScienceBlogs, where I'm sure you'll get a much wider audience. Of course, I'd prefer to maintain the delusion that I caused it to happen the day before ;-)