May 8, 2009

Friday Fun: Five songs I love

Not my five favourite songs -- that list doesn't really exist. Not the five best songs. Not even five objectively great songs. Just five songs that really keep knocking around my head. This week is pretty hard rock -- maybe I'll do a different set another one of these weeks.

  • Neon Knights by Black Sabbath. I'm a major Sabbath fan, mostly of the Ozzy and Dio eras although I enjoy the other eras as well. Interestingly, I never really got into the Ozzy stuff until after I heard this song, which is probably my favourite Sabbath song.

  • Tears of the Dragon by Bruce Dickinson. I've never been that much of an Iron Maiden fan but I do love Dickinson's solo stuff. Chemical Wedding is one of my all time favourite albums. (A great unplugged version of Tears of a Dragon.)

  • Dreamline by Rush. Canadian content, of course, in mandated on all blogs originating in the Great White North. I'm not a huge Rush fan, but this is one song of theirs I really love.

  • Young Man Blues by The Who. Back in high school, when everyone else was arguing whether The Beatles or The Stones were the best rock band in the world, I was saying The Who (Yes, I'm that old). I haven't changed my mind.

  • My Sacrifice by Creed. Prime cheese, I know, but I just love this song. It's probably the only Creed song I like even a bit.

So what are five songs you really love?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

today? you're right, it's 'that' kinda day.

dream on -- aerosmith
black dog -- zeppelin
sister havana -- urge overkill
smells like teen spirit -- nirvana
when the angels sing -- social distortion