May 13, 2009

Library Faculty Open Access Declarations

That I know of, we have three four groups of library faculty that have adopted declarations of one sort or another that promote more availability and openness for the content they produce, either work-related or professional/scholarly contributions:

Now I have two questions:
  • Are there any others I don't know about?

  • What are the rest of us waiting for?

Librarians are big promoters of OA but I think sometimes we don't quite practice what we preach. An opportunity exists for us to show that we mean what we say -- that sharing and openness are the values we both promote and practice.

(Disclosure: There have been rumblings at MPOW about this, but nothing concrete yet. I'm also rather slowly depositing my own stuff in our institutional repository; I'll try and get something else in today. BTW, check out my spiffy new web site!)


Dorothea said...

You missed Oregon State, which was the first to weigh in. :)

John Dupuis said...

Thanks! I'll add it to the list.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I've posted it on my blog too! I hope we will see many more OA mandate adopted by library faculty in near future.

Unknown said...

McGill University. Check out their E-Scholarship!