April 13, 2005

Moore's Law

April 19, 2005 is the 40th anniversary of the publication of Moore's Law in Electronics magazine. Gordon Moore's article was prosaically titled "Cramming more components onto integrated circuits." Intel has a nice site promoting the anniversary here; it features lots of cool content, including pdfs of various articles including the orginal article, posters, images and video of Moore. There's also a Moore's Law section in the Intel Archives and Museum.

Apparently, Intel, where Moore is now Chairman Emeritus, no longer has an orginal copy of the article in their archives, only photocopies. As such, they are offering $10,000 for a copy of the original magazine. I couldn't find any mention of this on the Intel site, but did hear of it in an interview with Howard High from Intel last night on the CBC show As it Happens. The CBC has streaming audio of the show so you can listen to it too. Intel's Want-it-Now request on eBay is here.

Karen Grieg had a message on the eldnet-l list today with the subject "Is your copy safe?" -- wise words when there's $10K on the line.

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