April 3, 2005

Walt Crawford's new blog

Drop by and visit Walt's new blog, Walt at Random. One of the things I like most about Walt's writing is his tone -- friendly, engaged, committed, not afraid to say what he means. Not confrontational, but direct. You feel like you're talking to him at the bar or something when you read C&I. I think we all owe Walt a beer (or whatever) at the next conference as a way of saying "thanks for joining the blog party."

1 comment:

waltc said...

Thanks very much. I don't claim much for my writing (I'm a persistent hack), but I do like to think that it maintains my conversational style without slopping over into complete blather.

Well, if everyone who reads C&I or Walt at Random bought me a glass of white wine (sigh: lost my taste for beer just when really good beer started coming back to California, but that's the way it goes), I would be in terrible trouble, but it's a fine offer. And you're quite welcome.