April 8, 2005

Technology and teaching

InsideHigherEd has a couple of recent items on technology and teaching:

  • Spreading the Wealth by Doug Lederman is about the success of MIT's OpenCourseWare project which has made so much of their course material available for free on the web. OpenCourseWare is a great idea, and the site itself is very interesting and well worth a look.
  • Duke’s iPod Experiment Evolves by Doug Lederman. At Duke, they tried a pilot program where they gave all the incomming freshman an iPod. Apparantly, it was mostly a success and the program will continue.
  • Hypertext 101 By Will Hochman and Chris Dean is about how to approach using technology in the classroom. There's a bit in here where they talk about how to approach teaching their students to do Internet research as a way to complement their regular library research.

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