October 31, 2006

Canadian Bloggers take note: Blog River episode of Corner Gas coming up

Next week's (Nov 6) episode of CTV's absolutely brilliant sitcom Corner Gas (official site) features, among other things, dim bulb Hank starting up a blog.

Brent regrets convincing Hank to start an on-line blog when he realizes that he’s actually going to have to read it. And when Lacey gets bummed out over a friend’s recent success, the food at the Ruby goes downhill. To take Lacey’s mind off it, Emma invites her to a BBQ but things turn ugly when Lacey takes on Oscar on in a friendly game of horseshoes. Meanwhile Wanda gives Davis a hand with his taxes with expensive results.
At least here in Toronto, it's on Mondays at 8pm. CTV has started airing commercials for the show.

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