October 18, 2006

Spinning A Web of Libraries + computing in physics courses

From What's New @ IEEE in Computing, October 2006, v7i10:

The growth of digital, personal libraries is examined in the latest issue of the "IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering" magazine. Obstacles for these digital libraries still include working out how to pay royalties to publishers, the question of how to scan the books into an OCR program without ruining any physical aspects, which is especially important for older and rarer books, and cost issues, which could run into the millions. It is speculated that once these obstacles are overcome, e-books will likely be downloaded onto devices smaller than those that run portable video games. Because the text is searchable via metatags, online libraries will improve both research and sales drastically, making it easier for people to find what they are looking for. They may even pave the way for online programs that store all sorts of works, from paintings to songs to sculptures, that could be reproduced with startling accuracy into real life objects. Read more, including information on how the IEEE community is involved in these efforts:
LInk Here.
The issue is IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering, v8i5.

While we're at it, there are some other very interesting artciles in that issue related to the use of computing in physics courses.

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