October 11, 2006

So Where Are The Academic Librarian Bloggers

Steven Bell reminds us to add our academic librarain blogs to the Academic Blog Portal section for University Librarians. Unless there are some I don't recognize, I seem to be the only scitech one in the list so far.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I just this morning posted a link to my new engineering and applied sciences blog called "World of Engineering" (I know, it's not the world's most inspired title.). The URL for it is http://parkview.wordpress.com/. I am an engineering librarian at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. I am also a very regular reader of your blog.

Ed Eckel

John Dupuis said...

Ed, I hope you enjoy what you see here. Good luck with your blog and welcome to the scitech librarian blogger club, we can always use another voice.