November 6, 2006

He's Back....

Yes, Chris Leonard is back with a new blog, Egg - like a bird's egg. Back in the day when Chris was an editor at Elsevier, working on theoretical CS journals, he had a great blog called Computing Chris. Well, he left Elsevier about a year ago and the science blogosphere has been much the poorer without his contributions. (Note to self: Chris's Elsevier blog, and all those great posts, are now lost; not a good idea to blog on a platform controlled by your employer. Chris is now on Blogger.)

Chris's new job is at at BioMed Central where he's developing their new PhysMath Central, which will apparently have quite a bit of CS content.

Chris is already posting good stuff on his new blog and I hope he continues for many moons to come.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words there John.

I am quite annoyed about losing the old blog. I guess I should have seen it coming and made a copy of it all - but you live and learn.

I will get more up to speed with the new blog in a few weeks, but first I am going on vacation!
Cheers, Chris.