September 14, 2007

Friday Fun: WorldCon Edition

One of the things voted on at the most recent World Science Fiction Convention is the site of the 2009 con. As it happens, the 2009 edition is in Montreal!

The guests are:

Neil Gaiman - Guest of Honour
Elisabeth Vonarburg - Invitée d'honneur
Taral Wayne - Fan Guest of Honour
David Hartwell - Editor Guest of Honour
Tom Doherty - Publisher Guest of Honour
Julie Czerneda - Master of Ceremonies

Which looks great. In particular, it's nice to see David Hartwell (one of publishing's good guys, btw) recognized for his contribution to the development of Canadian SF.

Congrats to all the organizers, including the long serving members of Montreal fandom who I worked with so often back in my Concept days.

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