September 17, 2007

Surveying the science blogosphere

A few months ago, Meredith Farkas surveyed the librarian blogosphere and is reporting the results here. She's also currently running a survey to discover what her readers' favourite blogs are.

Now there's a similar project within the science blogosphere as several ScienceBloggers are surveying their readership to discover what people think about science blogs in general and how they are seen within the scientific establishment. As yet there is no attempt to rank or rate individual blogs.

The bloggers who have mentioned it include A Blog around the Clock, Aardvarchaeology, Adventures in Ethics and Science, Aetiology, The Loom, Omni Brain and Retrospectacle.

The survey itself is here.

From Aetiology:

This survey attempts to access the opinions of bloggers, blog-readers, and non-blog folk in regards to the impact of blogs on the outside world. We're examining the impact of science blogging and this survey will provide invaluable data to answer the following questions:

Who reads or writes blogs?
What are the perceptions of blogging, and what are the views of those who read blogs?
How do academics and others perceive science blogging?
What, if any, influence does science blogging have on science in general?

The survey itself will likely take ~10 minutes, and a bit more if you are a blogger yourself--and thanks in advance.

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